How to Chair

Hi everyone!

Today’s blog post is about how to build some core strength. You’ll be required to sit back and … Chair Pose ❤

Chair Pose! Aiyo how hard can it be? Well it depends on how much you’d like to push yourself 🙂 Back pain can disappear very quickly if you have a strong core to support your back. The core is so important and I do alot of core work to protect my back.

This is the Chair Pose, and its name is pretty self explanatory. However, many execute the posture incorrectly.


How to Chair Pose

  1. Sit back like how you would in a chair
  2. Make sure the knees are not over the toes to protect your knees
  3. Tuck the tail bone in and feel the engagement of the core and lengthening of the lower back.
  4. Depress shoulders away from the ears
  5. Most people would look up between the hands, but I’ve got ‘text neck’/ compressed cervical vertebrae so I prefer to look straight to get the most length out of the back of my neck.
  6. Sit that tush back as much as you can while holding the alignment in place.

You should feel the core engage and the quad may start to burn. Good! That means you’re engaging the muscles correctly!

Push on and Chair Pose!

Light and Love,

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