How To Triangle

So we’ve been working on Asanas to increase flexibility of the hamstrings and back and core strength, but the Asanas have been postures that pretty much work on the various points separately.

Today and tomorrow we shall practice Asanas that will work on all these points at the same time! Yes! You ready? 🍭 Let’s go!

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Common mistakes:

  1. Slack core
  2. Tense shoulders
  3. Uneven hips
  4. Arching of the lower back which results in Lordotic appearance

How to Triangle:

  1. Shoulders depressed from ears
  2. Lift ribs to lengthen spine
  3. Engage core
  4. Tuck tailbone
  5. Square hips (both sides to be even height)
  6. When leaning forward, it should be a lateral flexion of the spine and the hips should not move
  7. When bringing the arm down to the ankle/ shin/ knee (depending on flexibility), the hips still stay in place, core is engaged and tailbone continually tucked in

The Triangle Pose can be tricky because of alignment! It’s very common that in trying to reach for the foot, we end up compromising the alignment of the hip and pushing our bum back when in final posture.

Hence, I would suggest that if you’re new to this pose that you may want to consider doing it against the wall. Yes! Against the wall! That way you will be as ‘flat’ as possible and your bum won’t go backward. You may realize that you won’t be able to reach for the foot (Like in my picture), but hey it’s ok!

Posture is more important than the final pose!

Stay tuned because tomorrow we’re gonna go 1 level up and practice the Reverse Triangle!

Light and Love,

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