It’s all about the Alignment

Hi everyone!

How have the exercises been going? Slow? Yes, but slow and steady wins the race!

If you see me in person, you most likely won’t notice anything out of the ordinary. I seem to walk and sit normally like anyone else, but it’s actually because I’m really aware of my posture.

This is how I would look if I sat normally 🙂

Right shoulder higher than the left shoulder and my body slanted to the right. Prolonged time in this position makes one side of my back and hip really sore!


I would sit or stand in front of the mirror and change my posture on the spot, then intermittently during the day I would recheck my posture and adjust if needed.

These are the alignments I do to correct myself.

Right shoulder to be shifted down, left shoulder up so that both are in line. My chest to shift to the left and my hips to be shifted to the right.IMG_5625

It’s important to know your body.

I also have Lordosis (exaggerated hyperextension of the lower lumbar spine) and it cause a lot of weakness in my lower back. A good way to tell if you have this is to lie flat on the floor and try to tuck the tailbone in to the point that your lower back can touch the floor. If you can’t, then you either have a weak core or Lordosis, or both! Of course, the best way to check would be to have an xray done.

If I don’t align myself, this is how I look lying down. (My shirt shifted down, so you can’t quite see how exaggerated the hole between the floor and my back is, but it’s there haha)


I would scoop the tailbone in, and engage my core. This would help in two things.

  1. Lengthening of the back muscle
  2. Strengthening of the core


Love and Light,

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