Improving Spine Flexibility with the Yoga Wheel

Hi everyone!

The Yoga Wheel is a great prop to have because it helps one expand the chest, open shoulders and improve one’s back flexibility.

(With all props, do remember to use with caution)

Today I decided to use the Yoga Wheel to aid in my practice because I’ve been travelling for quite a bit and haven’t had much time to exercise my core. The Yoga Wheel can help me by taking strain off my back if my core fatigues quick, and yet at the same time I can still get the range of movement required to stretch out my torso.

Let me show you 3 simple ways I use the Yoga Wheel to help in my practice.

Here I am focusing on stretching the sides of my torso. As usual I try my best to engage my core to the best of my ability, and I continue to ground my thigh into the floor for added stability. Once I feel like I’m stable, I then reach my arm over my head to stretch out the side of my torso and stay there for a few breaths.

When I’m ready, I very slowly come back up and stretch the other side.

In this second photo, I keep my bum grounded firmly into the mat and focus on opening my chest. i have thoracic scoliosis as well as lumbar scoliosis so this movement is hard for me to do. But the whole point is to improve my spine flexibility so I take it real slow on this. Again I am always engaging the core to protect my spine. I reach my elbows back as much as possible to get in the full range of motion.


When I’m more comfortable, I start to lean back and lift my bum off the mat. This is extremely hard for me and I feel the stiffness in my back. I always watch out for pain… If I feel pain it means I’m not doing this right and my body is telling me to stop. So far I’ve felt fine but I never take things for granted.

Always engage the core!

Remember to listen to the body and take your time. Everyone moves at a different pace ❤

Love and light,

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