3 Ways to Lengthen Hamstrings to Release Back Pain

Hi guys!

I suffered from a really bad lower back strain over the weekend because I didn’t do appropriate stretching before executing Asanas (totally asking for it) and ended up having to walk like a zombie the whole of Saturday!

I naturally have very tight hamstrings and that could have been a major factor in why my lower back seized up so badly.

My video below shows 3 ways to help lengthen the hamstrings to release lower back strain.

Of course, it would be better to do these poses as a preventive measure instead of wait till shit hits the fan..

3 Ways to Lengthen Hamstrings to Release Back Strain

Lizard Pose

  1. Keeping your feet two hip widths apart (one back and one front), make sure that your front knee is behind the toes so as to reduce any strain on the knee when in a kneeling position
  2. Always engage the core and keep the shoulders away from the ears
  3. Keep your hips in line with one another, make sure the left and right hip are equally placed
  4. Tuck in your tailbone so that the hamstring of the front leg and the hip flexor of the back leg will get a good stretch
  5. With every exhale, allow yourself to go deeper

Pyramid Pose

  1. From the Lizard Pose, lift the back knee and bring the bum back
  2. Again, make sure the hips are in line
  3. Keep the tummy on the front thigh and back straight
  4. With every exhale bring the bum back more and the head toward the floor
  5. You should feel the hamstrings of the front leg lengthening

Pigeon Pose

  1. From the Pyramid Pose, you can bring the front leg down to the floor and settle your hips on the ground
  2. Remember to square the hips!
  3. Lengthen the spine and with every exhale tuck in the tail bone more for a deeper stretch
  4. You should feel the hamstrings of the front leg lengthening and the hip flexors of the back leg stretching

Do check with your doctor if you are currently suffering from any health issues and get a green light before proceeding with any exercise!

Enjoy the stretch and make sure to always practice safely!

Light and love,





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