How to Reverse Triangle

Hi guys!

Yesterday I spoke about the Triangle Pose. The Triangle Pose helps build core and back muscles, lengthens the spine as well as stretches the sides of the torso and the inner thighs.

The Asana is one that practitioners make the most mistakes in because of alignment. Now… Let’s stretch the opposite side with the Reverse Triangle!

Reverse Triangle ( Parivritta Trikonasana)

Common mistakes would be:

1. Bringing the hand that is on the floor too far from the foot

2. Rounding the back when trying to reach for the floor

3. Uneven distribution of the weight that can be felt in the feet

4. Uneven hips

5. Twisting from only the upper back and overcompensating the twist by bringing the arm back, and in doing so hurting the shoulder.

How to Trikonasana:

1. Scoop the tailbone in and lift the ribs to engage the core

2. As you fold forward, try to do so by hinging from the hips to avoid the hips from turning

3. Paste the stomach to the thighs as much as possible. That will help keep the back straight!

4. As you twist, make sure to twist from the lower, middle and upper back and fully open your chest.

Remember to rotate the spine!

Love and Light,


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