Going Back To Basics Exercise 3

Good Sunday everyone,

Hope you’ve rested up well over the weekend! Are you seated a lot during the weekday? Then this exercise is just for you 🙂

When was the last time you sat on the floor? Give it a shot 😀 Try sitting on the floor with your legs slightly apart.

Are you seated like this?

It’s okay if you are. It’s really common 🙂 This happens when we sit down on the chair for too long (weeks/ months/ years of bad posture).

I had years of back pain, and when I started Yoga practice a few years ago, this was exactly how I sat on the floor.

I’m going to show you how I lengthened the muscles in my back enough for me to fold forward over time. It took me 4 weeks to reach the floor, you’d be amazed what your body can do for you.

I’d do this stretch 1 day and rest 2 days, then stretch again on the 4th day and so on.

The first step I took was to try sitting straight on the floor. It wasn’t as easy as I thought! My hamstrings were screaming and I just couldn’t straighten my back. It’s very important to get the basics right before going forward further.

Enjoy your stretch and allow your body to bloom

How To Sit In Seated Straddle Pose

  1. Ground the bum into the mat
  2. Tuck in tailbone and engage the core
  3. Internally rotate the thighs and flex the feet so toes are pointed to the ceiling
  4. Lengthen spine
  5. Relax shoulders

It was so hard for me to even sit up straight. I could feel a pull on one side of my back all the way to my glutes. The first few weeks of trying to sit straight on the floor was not very enjoyable but I persisted, and over time it got less painful. Once the pull on my back and the hamstrings weren’t so bad, I then begun folding forward.

The single most important thing I did while doing this was to fold from the hips. That helped prevent my back from rounding, and helped me focus on lengthening the back of my body by internally rotating my thighs even more. Internal rotation of the thighs would be to roll my thighs inward. Let’s say the feet start of pointing toward the ceiling; when you roll your thighs inward the feet will begin to point forward (take note of the direction of my feet from the photo). Also I’m keeping my back straight. Think of pasting the front pelvin wall to the floor. Take all the time you need when doing this and allow your body to slowly open up.

After a few weeks try to go lower! This is when it starts to feel good.

Take it slow and steady. Remember to fold from the hips and work on more internal rotation of the thighs

Light and Love,

2 thoughts on “Going Back To Basics Exercise 3

  1. Hi Jessica, I couldn’t really understand the concept of Internal Rotation of Thighs. Could you please help me with that. Thanks 🙂


    1. Hi Dharmika! Let’s say when you sit down with legs open, your toes are pointed to the ceiling. To internally rotate your thighs would be to engage your inner thighs and rolls them inward till the toes are pointed to the front rather than to the ceiling. It’s a good question you have! I’ll do a post today on it!


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