Why I Got Started With Yoga

Hi everyone, I’m Jessica Sinclair.

I’m kind of staring at the screen and I don’t really have an idea of how to start. This feels a lot like buying a brand new note book and then wondering how to start off writing with perfect flowery words and consistent handwriting o.o

I’m not gonna overthink this and just jump right in! Here I go..

I was 13 when I found out that I had a crooked spine. I didn’t think much of it honestly. By the end of the year I had an acrylic back brace made and I proceeded to wear that on and off for the next 2 years. I lived a really active lifestyle and just didn’t want to accommodate to a back brace. Life went on as per normal.

Fast forward to when I was 30 years old, after many years of dancing in the highest of heels, a continued active lifestyle coupled with extremely poor posture…

All it took was one sneeze for my whole life to change in an instant.

That was really all it took. I was cutting apples for my dog, I turned away from the chopping board to sneeze and next thing I knew … I was on the floor and couldn’t move the right side of my body. The doctor said that I had a nerve impingement and that I should consider surgery. At that time, surgery wasn’t an option because work was slow and I didn’t want to be a burden on my family. So after some thinking, the only affordable option was to try Yoga.

That was how I got started, and I thank God everyday for my lack of finances at the time.

IMG_5763 IMG_1462

(Xrays: 2014)

I had Scoliosis (T2 to T12: 25 Degrees) (T9 to L4: 40 Degrees) and Lordosis.

Fast forward to now at age 33.

My flexibility and strength have improved greatly, I no longer live with the back pain I had to endure with for so many years. In the first few months of beginning the practice, I saw the benefits that Yoga blessed me with and wanted to pay it forward and teach others what I discovered. I then opened The Yoga Mandala, teaching others how to improve their lives with Yoga.

But most importantly, this has happened…


(Xrays: 2014 vs 2016)

2014: (T2 to T12: 25 Degrees) (T9 to L4  : 40 Degrees)

2016: (T2 to T12: 18 Degrees) (T9 to L4  : 19 Degrees)

The purpose of this blog is to document my personal journey to improving my spinal health with the help of Yoga.

Light and love,



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