Going Back To Basics Exercise 1

We’ve all seen beautiful pictures of really talented individuals in superb poses. Nothing good comes easy, and without a doubt those practitioners worked really hard to get to where there are today. I was determined to be able to execute those poses one day.

We all start from somewhere

I couldn’t touch my toes when I first begun and I’m sure this is really common for most of us. I knew I had to start from the beginning and I’d begin my day with a simple (or so I thought) forward fold with the help of a strap, and over a short time I could touch my toes.

Some Reasons Why We Can’t Forward Fold

  1. Tightness of the back of legs (especially hamstrings)
  2. Tightness of the glutes
  3. Tightness of the back muscles, especially if one suffers from scoliosis.

Pertaining to point number 3, the back muscles overcompensate on one side to balance out the weak portions of the back cause by scoliosis and hence the “camel’s hump” is formed.

Common Mistakes 

  1. In aiming the head for the shins, we tend to round our back
  2. Hunching of shoulders
  3. External rotation of the thighs (rolling the thighs outward)

How To Forward Fold

  1. From an upright seated position, slight action of internal rotation the thighs (rolling thighs inward) and tuck tailbone in to engage the core
  2. Flex feet to help lengthen the back of the legs
  3. Fold from the hips and keep the back straight, shoulders away from ears.
  4. Hold the sides of feet and pull forward, shoulders away from ears.
  5. Stomach and chest to touch the thighs, if the head is on the shin but stomach and chest aren’t on thighs, reset and redo the pose
  6. It helps to know which side of the back is tight, then pull on the arm of that side to lengthen that area.
  7. Take deep breaths exhale fold forward, with every exhale allow the muscles to relax and pull forward more

wordpress first exercise

The aim is to lengthen the spine and the muscles on the entire back of the body. If you need props for this pose, by all means go for it 🙂 Our body is one of the most beautiful creations God has blessed us with. Listen to your body and practice safely!

Love and Light,


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